V.F.W. explains Memorial Day to Big Valley School students

Msn in VFW uniform stands in front of school children sitting on floor. He is explaining Memorial day. 3 other VFW members are seated.

Lennie Eades of Lookout explains the real meaning of Memorial Day.

Left to right, Donald Leventon, Carl Parks, Lennie (speaking) and Superintendent Richard Rhodes.

Big Valley Elementary School, Bieber CA.
May 27, 2010

Memorial day is a 3 day holiday and there is no school on Monday, right? There is more to it than that, but how do we teach our children who have never been exposed to battle and the sacrifices made by our military to keep us a free and safe country?

The Big Valley chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, today represented by Donald Leventon of Lookout, Lennie Eades of Lookout, Carl Parks from Bieber and Richard Rhodes from Bieber. Each spoke to the Big Valley Elementary School at an assembly in the gymnasium giving their explanation of real meaning of Memorial Day.

Mr. Leventon and Mr. Parks are veterans of World War II, Mr. Eades served in Korea and Mr. Rhodes served in Lebanon and Libya in the period of the Marin barracks explosion.

Of course the children were most interested in the blood and guts stories of war and Mr. Lennie Eades managed to actually explain the real meaning of Memorial Day and why we fight for our freedom.