Yoga Classes in Bieber

Lady with pink sweater in a sweeping yoa pose instructs her students.

Analuisa Orozco (in pink) instructs in Yoga.

Spring 2010
Bieber Memorial Hall, Bieber CA.

Free Yoga classes are offered at the Bieber Memorial Hall. Learn relaxation techniques, enhance your overall wellness, build strength an flexibility.

Analuisa Orosco conducts a free Yoga class which is sponsored by an outreach program of Lassen Community Health. Everybody is welcome, young to old, athletes to wheelchair bound. Analuisa will instruct and aid all participants according to their capabilities. Seniors, even those with limited mobility are welcome. Yoga can benefit everyone.

The classes are given Monday mornings from 10:30 A.M. to 12 Noon and Thursday afternoons 4P.M. to 5:30 P.M. at the Veterans Memorial Building on Bridge St. in Bieber.

Please wear loose and comfortable clothing. For more information, call Analuisa Orozco at 530 260-8104 (cell) or 530 295-5700 (office at Big Valley Family Resource Center)

Editors Note:

I thought I was in good physical condition and I am quite active so I took part in Analuisa's activity while taking photos for this article. I am now aware of how limited my motions are and how much it hurts to bend into and hold the positions she (and the students) were performing. No, there was no pain afterwards, but I could really feel that the body stretching was loosening up muscles I have not loosened in years. I also became aware of the balance and body control exhibited by those who practiced yoga. It will take some time for me to gain that grace and control, but I feel it could be useful for an old geezer like me. Come in and try it, you may like it.