Your Water Supply During Electric Power Outages

Styalized water faucet with a drip of water under. Styalized electric plug with electric rowers in background

As you have found out, the water supply in Bieber can run out in case of an electric power failure. As well as being a great discomfort, it can also become dangerous. Therefor we ask you to do the following when the next electric power failure happens. With your co-operation, we can keep Bieber safe and have adequate water for cooking, drinking and for emergencies.

When the next area wide electric power outage occurs, please
think about this as an emergency, because IT IS!

1) Conserve water.  Resist the temptation to take a shower and do the dishes before the hot water cools off.

2) If you must take a bath or shower, consider a sponge bath with a pot of hot water and a tiny amount of hand dish washing soap.  It works well.

3) Make sure ALL water is shut off.  If you are afraid of your pipes freezing and must leave water running, remember, a stream no wider than a pencil lead is sufficient to prevent freezing.

4) Inform your children and enforce this policy.  Take responsibility for their actions.

5) Flush your toilets less often than usual.  Every flush uses at least a gallon or two of water.

6) Avoid dish washing with municipal water.  Let them stack up.  It's better to have dirty dishes with water available than without water.

If we all co-operate, we can make our water last for several days instead of 12 hours.

The water district is investigating getting a generator for backup power, but this cannot happen immediately and it costs money. Help your neighbors now.

Thank You

The Bieber Water District

Lassen Co. Waterworks District 1