Big Valley Intermediate School 8th Grade Bazaar

The school gym with the bazaar.  Tables with folks eating prime rib dinner and booths in background.

Enjoying the Prime Rib Dinner

Saturday, November 11, 2005
Copyright 2005

The 8th grade class of Big Valley Intermediate School hosted an annual bazaar featuring local vendor tables, and this year, a Prime Rib Dinner for the cost of $8 per person.

The event took place at the Big Valley Intermediate School in Bieber.  The intermediate school draws students from the towns of Adin, Bieber, Lookout and Nubieber.  The proceeds earned by this event sponsor a field trip for the 8th graders to the San Francisco Bay Area. For many students, this experience is the first trip outside of the area, and their first overnight group excursion. Last year's trip took the group to The Exploratorium, Alcatraz and Six Flags Marine World.  It's a great experience for the kids and without the support from the community by attending the bazaar, this event would not be possible.  If you did not visit the bazaar this year, be sure to attend next year.

The annual field trip to the Bay Area has been going on for at least 27 years and the idea of sponsoring it with the bazaar started in 1979.  Working at the bazaar, collecting money for the prime rib dinner was Ladonna Barnett of LaDonna's Beauty Salon in Adin, and in the kitchen cooking the steaks was Mark Carmichael. Both attended the middle school in 1978. They went to the the Bay Area together with the 8th grade in 1978.  Both now have children in the 8th grade who will be going this year.  They remember their travels to Alcatraz, the exploratorium and have vivid memories of crossing San Francisco's mighty bridges on their bus.  This event is now in it's second generation!

Credit to the bazaar's organization this year goes to Trina Harvey, the 8th grade teacher at the intermediate school and of course to the students themselves.

8th graders pose in front of San Francisco Exploratorium.

Last year's Bay Area Trip to the Exploratorum in San Francisco.

Most of the 8th grade class in a group photo.

These kids get to go to San Francisco later this year!