Bieber Lookout Road Closed Tuesday Morning

Lots of damage, minor injuries.

A red car with minor damage that hit the front of a snow plow

Small car, big truck, bad meeting!

February 1, 2006 7:00 AM
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County Rd. 91 (the Bieber Lookout Rd.) was blocked early this morning when a car hit a snow plow resulting in minor injuries. The snow plow was apparantly turning around on 91 and was hit as it was positioned 90 degrees (across) the road.

The temperature was near freezing and a light snow during the night left the road very slippery. Very minor injuries resulted and the victim was transported to the Medical Center in Bieber instead of the usual Mayer's Memorial Hospita;.

Although emergency responders were letting a few cars past the scene on the shoulder, most traffic, including 2 school busses on their way to pick up children were delayed for some time. The school busses were empty and not involved in the accident.

School busses and other traffic blocked by the wreck.

A good excuse to be late for school.