Explanations of Big Valley Weather Camera Pictures.

This page shows a collection of pictures illustrating various conditions.

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1) Geographic info.  What you are looking at on a clear day.

2) Morning clouds.

3) More morning clouds

4)  An overcast after a rain.

5) High clouds, clear day.

6) The sun gets in the picture.

7) Morning twilight.

8) Local rain shower.

9) A night time picture.

(Above) A very clear day.

You are looking South SouthWest (about 200 degrees) from near Fox Mountain.
Windsock says zero to very light breeze.
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(Above) Morning Clouds

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(Above) More Morning Clouds.

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(Above) Very cloudy and overcast after rain. Mild breeze.

Breeze is 5 to 10 MPH (estimated) from West.
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(Above) Lots of high clouds and a mild breeze.

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(Above) The "comet shape" in the right sky is the sun. 

The wind sock shows a light breeze about 10 MPH (Estimated) from the West.
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(Above) Morning Twilight.

The dim fuzzy picture are camera limitations.
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(Above) A rain shower left side of picture.

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(Above) Nighttime view

Not much to see.  Bieber is the lights just to the right of center.
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