The Adin Ambulance Gets One Step Closer to Having a Home

Many folks seated at tables enjoyed the feed

A full house, about 320 people on Saturday

January 19/20, Adin CA
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Adin Ambulance's 8th. annual crab feed brought a major goal one step closer, that of building a permanent structure to serve as the home for the ambulance and crew.

"Adin Ambulance" is the organization which is dispatched throughout Big Valley whenever medical aid is needed, from auto accidents to heart attacks. We are indeed fortunate that a dedicated group of locals have established, supported and manned this emergency service within Big Valley. The turnout at the 2 day event shows that the community recognizes it's importance.

Modoc Medical Center-Adin Ambulance Crew has 2 fund raisers per year to raise money for equipment and facilities to provide Emergency Medical Services to an area larger than the state of Delaware, serving the communities of Big Valley, Grasshopper, Termo, Stone Coal and Ash Valley. The ambulance receives no tax money and is solely supported by donations and fund raisers.

For years, the ambulance (the vehicle) has been "living" outside near the fire house and the crew are dispatched from their homes or work whenever an emergency call comes through. According to Dan Bouse, Modoc County's Emergency Supervisor and head of Adin Ambulance, a crew can respond to any call within 5 minutes. Members are required to be at home or at work within 2 miles of the Ambulance.

As professional as Adin Ambulance has been, it has been difficult because the ambulance itself must live outdoors, and we know how hard this can be with our severe winters. There is also no place for on duty members to stay or sleep and there is no self owned office space.

This year, a milestone was reached because of a property donation in December 2006, the beginning of a well on the new property and a large turnout at this crab feed. A new building and home for the ambulance is well under

way. Plans are to begin construction late this year.

The crabfeed itself consisted of lots of crab and also ham for those who chose it. A 3 Big Valley 4H Clubs, Bieber, Providence and Lookout, volunteered their time to be waiters. Polks did not have to serve themselves. There were plenty of waiters and lotus's of good service. People did not have to wait long to get more crab ham or drinks. The quality of the service cut down on the confusion which would occur if the over 300 people had to serve themselves.

Friday's event drew about 180 people, and Saturdays drew over 300 for a total of about 500. Considering that the population of Big Valley is less than 2000, this is a fantastic show of public support for a very good cause.

A large tray full of crab

The crab was tasty and plentiful!

Ray Clark and Red Hatter.

Red Hatters sold raffle tickets!

Each year, one person who has contributed to the workings of Adin Ambulance is selected. This year, the award went to Pat Baremore who works out of Mayers Memorial Hospital in Fall River Mills. Pat is the EMS co-ordinator for the Big Valley, Burney and Fall River Ambulance districts.

Pat Baremore holds her plaque

Pat Baremore shows off her award.

Much thanks and recognition should be given to the members of Adin Ambulance not only for their work in putting on this enjoyable crab feed and community meeting, but for their dedicated service in saving lives. If you've ever been sick and injured in Big Valley and needed an ambulance ride, you have probably met them. 

The Adin Ambulance Crew

Left to Right

Front Row:
Tony Richno, EMT 1
Erica Harper. EMT 1
Meridith Richno, EMT 2
Paul MCoy, EMT 1

Rear Row:
Ryan Harper, EMT 1
Paul Lemke, EMT 1
Erla Bouse, EMT 2
Dan Bouse, EMT 2
Becky Albough, EMT 2

Not Present:
Dorothy Hutchison
Jackie Jarvie